Help! I’ve let my lawn get too tall. Now what?

Help! I’ve let my lawn get too tall. Now what?

Grass Too Tall$150 to mow my lawn? That is what most neighborhoods will charge you for a violation if they have to hire someone to cut it for you because your lawn too tall.

Every homeowner has faced this dilemma. “My mower broke,” or “I’ve been busy and I forgot” or “I’ve been out of town.” Either way, at some point the lawn had to be mowed no matter how tall it got. Either the homeowner got the “mower fixed” and took the time to slowly and painstakingly go over the tall grass several times or hired someone to come out and bush hog the property.

According to DR Power equipment, anything over 24″ tall should be bush or brush hogged due to the thickness and the height of the grass. The main difference between your average mower and a bush or brush hog mower is that your normal mower cuts with a sharp blade and bush hog severs with an intentionally very dull wedge-like blade that is much thicker and stronger than your conventional mower blade.

So what are your options when it gets too tall to mow? Unfortunately, your small power push mower may not be able to handle the job.

What can I do now?

Here are what some professional landscaping professionals recommend you do when your lawn has taken over.

“Start with the weed eater. Depending on how large your lawn is, you may want to start with your weedeater and knock it down as much as you can. This will at least reduce the height and the thickness and possibly allow you to get your mower through your lawn without it stalling every few feet. This will also allow you to see if there are any items in your lawn that need to be removed like dog toys or hose pipes that can ruin your day and mower.”

“Carefully use your residential mower and mow small portions at a time. When your grass gets very tall, you will need to raise your mower to the highest setting and work your way down. You may also have to use your push mower and carefully lift the deck and slowly lower it on your grass. Do small sections at a time so you can go back over them to level your grass out and rake up the debris to make it easier.” ┬áThis is a very unsafe practice and we do not recommend it.

“When your grass gets too tall, you will need to hire a professional to get your lawn back in shape. Professional equipment is much more powerful than the average residential mower but the key is to keep someone coming to mow consistently. It will take us a few times to get your lawn looking good again but it will be much easier for a professional.”

The key takeaway here is prevention. Hiring a lawn mowing service can be a breeze. Keeping your lawn mowed on a regular basis will save you money in the long run and keep your lawn healthier. Not only is having long grass a blight on your neighborhood, it also harbors bugs, insects, and snakes.

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