Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

healthy lawn tips

Are you concerned about taking care of your lawn? If so, then you need to know what the main keys are to maintaining the health of your lawn.

Lawn care involves three main factors: watering, mowing and traffic.

Watering Your Lawn

Lawns should be watered two to three times per week when the daily temperature is above 80 degrees.  Watering is crucial to maintaining a beautiful green lawn.  When watering, it needs to be a deep watering so the water gets to the bottom of the roots and can continue to grow and strengthen.

While one of the keys to lawn care requires keeping the grass moist, you should not over water your lawn to the point where it is a wet, muddy mess.   One easy way to tell if you are over watering is small puddles start forming in your lawn. Too much water in the soil can also keep the roots of your new grass from developing the deep roots needed for a healthy lawn.

You can also tell if your grass is not getting enough water.  If your grass starts to turn a brown or grayish color is a tell-tell sign that it is not getting enough water.  A quick and easy way to see if your lawn is getting enough water is to use a knife or screwdriver to dig into the soil. You want to make sure the dirt is damp to a depth of 5 to 6 inches.

It should also be mentioned that how often you water your grass can depend upon your environment.

Mowing Your Lawn

In order to have a healthy looking lawn you should be mowing at least once a week and sometimes maybe twice depending on how fast it is growing.  You should ensure the lawn mower blades are kept sharp so they easily cut the grass blades and not pull the blades.  For a healthy looking lawn, also try to cut your grass in differing directions each time.

Also, you should not mow your grass when the grass is wet.  Cutting wet grass can cause the grass to not get cut evenly and potentially pull the grass out from the roots.

Traffic On Your Lawn

Limiting traffic on your lawn will help keep it looking healthy and green.  I know it is not possible to completely stay off your lawn, especially if you have kids.  After all don’t you want to have fun with the family outside and enjoy your beautiful lawn.

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  1. Thanks for this information. We work hard to keep our lawn looking great! We are planning on implementing this information into our routine

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